Beehives at Highgrove

I was delighted to be commissioned to design these beehives as a gift from Fortnum & Mason to HRH The Prince of Wales for his 70th birthday.  The photo shows beekeeper Steve Benbow of The London Honey Co., joiner Dave Gould of Coryndon Limited who made the hives, and me.  The drawing below shows my initial concept of cladding standard hives followed by 20 thumbnail sketches.  These sketches were submitted to Prince Charles from which he was to choose three designs.  The three chosen designs were developed in more detail as shown in the pencil sketches in The Telegraph article above.  My final watercolour is shown below.  I worked closely with Steve Benbow to make sure that the bees would be happy and that Steve would be able to collect the honey easily.  The fabulous bronze bees, pineapple and acorns were all sculpted by Nick Coryndon.